a creative consultant and artful thinker, looking to help others reach their creative potential in their brand identity, social presence, and other creative outlets.


I'm Kaila. 

creative consultant, founder of mignonnexo.
self - care & creative enthusiast

i'm the person that makes eye contact with you and says "i'm listening" when you get cut off in a conversation. i love a good self-development book, and i’m within arms distance of a bag of sour candy and a candle at all times (in the name of self care).


i create content for others, essentially. i help businesses + brands develop their brand identity, gain cohesiveness, or just give them the confidence to put themselves out there.


i have a bba in marketing from georgia state university, and i manage content creation for multiple brands across the united states. i love taking a good photo, or hyping someone up in a video


I'm glad you're here, forreal. let's hang a bit.

i'll give it to you, i know what you want.

brand identity

we go through brand discovery - figuring out what you really want to say, and how to really say it. self-awareness for your business.


so you have a logo and a voice, but it's been real mute lately. we can talk about what you're looking for, and figure out a way to flip that thang.

content creation

i do my own stunts. i take photos + videos to show authenticity in brands. want to get that extra razzle-dazzle, or a new take on things? i gotcha. 

wanna see what that looks like?

  • afterlight 3.jpg


    mac ayres + a candle = vibe made in heaven. everyone loves a plant-parent music head. if that's you, lavender + rosemary scent is your go-to.

  • 11(3)_edited.jpg


    a luxury fashionista created a jewelry line that fit her personality. now, she sells her items all over the world. 

  • 5_edited.jpg


    a teacher got engaged, and wanted to make her own bridesmaids gifts. now, she has an etsy shop, and extra money in her pocket.


    gold is every person of color's color. enough said. 


    a chef for a 5 star hotel decided to start her own catering business, and we wanted to start her brand with a bang.


    from branding, to content creation, to video teasers, to info brochures, to campus flyers - i've done it all for this team. everywhere you look, their brand looks the same, which is how it should be.


    podcast + youtuber that wanted her visuals to speak as loud as her message does. we took her creative vision, and made it plain. 


list of services i offer. 

  • Product/Food Photography

  •  Video Content Creation

  • Website Design

lemme upgrade ya.

come on, it's worth giving yourself a shot. 

Kaila Mignon, 2020.